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CAPA TV | September 27, 2020

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Will Long-Haul Low-Cost Expansion Change The World?

  • On October 23, 2015

The long-haul low cost model has proliferated in Asia, where no less than seven such airlines exist. As they have gained experience in Asia’s long haul markets, the variants have developed sweet spots and new operating criteria. “Long haul” has typically come to mean anything up to 8 hours flying, while increasingly the long haul version is relying on short haul connectivity.

There are lessons to be learned here, but as the new 787s and A350s enter the market, new, longer haul operations are developing. Norwegian, Air Canada rouge,, Lufthansa’s planned realignment of its Eurowings subsidiary are each likely to stretch the boundaries. But many still doubt the viability of such services. This panel explores whether regulatory, labour and operational factors will constrain growth in this segment – or whether it is a transformational addition to the industry.
• Is LHLCC in fact a new airline type?
• What are the pre-conditions for LHLCC entry and success?
• Are others planning LHLCC services – independent and as FSC subsidiaries?
 And can they become profitable?

Moderator: European Aviation Club, Chairman, Rigas Doganis
 airBaltic, CEO, Martin Gauss
 Dublin Airport, Managing Director, Vincent Harrison
 ELFAA, Secretary General, John Hanlon
 Pegasus, CCO, Guliz Ozturk


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