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CAPA TV | December 4, 2020

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Digital Outlook: True, Fast And Profitable Innovation – Speeding Up The Transformation Of The Industry

  • On December 10, 2018
The digital economy has transformed consumer expectations around the way they research, purchase and experience the airline product. As a result airlines need to work hard to differentiate their product offering and deliver a personalised and seamless experience for customers throughout the entire travel process. With airlines starting to see themselves as digital companies rather than just transportation companies enabling passengers to get from A to B, there is now a greater inclination for experimentation, with many airlines (and manufacturers) leaning on creative tech start ups to find solutions for their technology, operations and customer service problems. This is creating interfaces between large aviation organisations and the growing global travel tech scene. Agility and out-of-the-box thinking seems to be the USP for many startups aiming to develop and market business model innovations for the aviation industry.
  • Is outside competition required to fire up internal creativity?
  • Are big organisations simply unable to cope with the speed of change in technology and customer behaviour?
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff, how to identify the winning ideas
  • Putting the framework in place first – deciding on an airline’s digital strategy
  • How are the global alliances utilising technology to facilitate multilateral connectivity and deliver benefits to customers of member airlines?

Moderator: Made by Many, Founder, William Owen


  • Bluebox Aviation Systems, CEO, Kevin Clark
  • CellPoint Mobile, CEO, Kristian Gjerding
  • Miles & More, Director Strategy & Innovation, Benjamin Pfeifer
  • Skyscanner, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Hugh Aitken

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