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CAPA TV | December 5, 2020

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How Does The Aviation Industry Ensure Congestion Doesn’t Limit Growth? Unlocking The Value Of Slots At Congested Airports

  • On February 17, 2019

Airport slots undoubtedly have a “value”, especially at congested facilities. It is sometimes argued that unlocking that value can lead to more commercial outcomes than are achieved in most cases today. Yet there is no commonality in the way airports and governments treat slot “ownership”.

•With a doubling in passenger figures predicted, and a significant lack of airport capacity to meet these projections, how does the air transport industry continue to support economic growth?

•The slot process is the backbone to the airline’s operating at the world’s most congested airports, binging certainty and transparency to ensure schedules can be planned, connectivity built and future investment made.  But is the process really able to support an industry facing a capacity crises – airport saturation.

•Airports, airlines, slot coordinators and governments are all stakeholders when ensuring scarce airport capacity is used efficiently.  Is it realistic to think these stakeholders can have common objectives that translate in to global policy?  If not, what future is there for managing airport capacity that cannot meet demand, to prevent chaos and one that limits growth.

•Airport slots are an outcome from a lack of capacity to meet demand, does the process for allocating slots ensure aviation can grow?

•Policy objectives for growth, connectivity and consumer benefits are key, but is this feasible without large-scale airport expansion?

•How should slot policy be regulated and developed?

•Will radical changes to the slot process really cause widespread disruption?

•Is this a classic case where the practical realities of the industry do not meld well with economic theory?


Ms. Christina Cassotis
Pittsburgh International Airport
Mr. Eric Herbane
Managing Director
Mr. Philip Ireland
Manager, Worldwide Airport Slots
Mr. Andrew Macmillan
Chief Strategy Officer
Heathrow Airport

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