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CAPA TV | October 1, 2020

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Europe’s Aviation Relations With The World: Towards Multilateralism

  • On February 16, 2019

The EU has played a vital leadership role in aviation in Europe and the North Atlantic and, increasingly, globally. In recent years the face of the airline industry has changed rapidly, with new entrants, new airline types and new aircraft all contributing to a very different environment compared with 20 years ago. The panel will review the extent and relevance of these developments and discuss where the industry – and its regulation – might be heading.

• The evolution of European Union Comprehensive Air Transport Agreements and Europe’s parallel/multilateral agreements

• Parallel Regulations: revising Regulation 868/2004

• Ambitions, challenges and milestones

• Ownership and control limitations – encouraging investment into airlines and infrastructure

• Economic benefits (Passenger and Cargo) of liberalisation and deregulation

• EU-Middle East relations: open markets or limited flights?


Prof. Mia Wouters
Attorney at Law/Professor Aviation Law
LVP Law/University of Gent
Mr. Henrik Hololei
Director General Mobility and Transport
European Commission
Prof. Pablo Mendes de Leon
International Institute of Air and Space Law
Mr. Philippe Ruttley
Keystone Law
Mr. Abdul Wahab Teffaha
Secretary General

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