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CAPA TV | November 30, 2020

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The Trans-Atlantic Shift: What Impact Will LCLH Have On This Important Market?

  • On October 22, 2019

Long haul low cost international operations are becoming a feature of the US-Europe market, introducing a new dynamic into the equation. Until now, the market has been the territory of foreign airlines, but with airlines like the mid-cost/mid-frills JetBlue Airways now about to embark on trans-Atlantic operations, a new era of competition could be in the wind. 

There can be no doubt that new aircraft technology and new business models have contributed to the expansion of the trans-Atlantic market. LCCs have been significant agents of this change on the North Atlantic, led by Norwegian.

Norwegian is slowing its group-wide growth, WOW air and Primera Air have gone out of business. Nevertheless, LCCs will continue to play an important part in this market.

  • What does the future of low cost long haul look like between these regions?
  • Is there room for further low cost long haul growth across the Atlantic?

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