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CAPA TV | November 30, 2020

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Investing In Latin America: Stimulating Untapped Demand In The Latin American Marketplace

  • On September 22, 2017

Latin America’s low cost airline expansion has lagged other regions. Central America, driven by Mexico has a high (domestic) LCC component, but South America, even with a 50% LCC share in the large Brazilian domestic market, lacks any significant penetration.
Overall, international LCC activity is very limited. This is changing as some of the branded LCCs expand into new territory, but it is only with greater liberalisation that opportunities for the branded LCCs will be able to make a substantial difference.

  • What are the reasons for limited LCC penetration in Latin America?
  • Is there a significant low cost electorate – e.g. proportionately to other regions (i.e. 30%+)?
  • Which countries offer the main opportunities for LCC expansion?
  • How do investors feel about investing in this sector?

CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Chairman, Peter Harbison in conversation with:
Indigo Partners, Founder & Managing Partner, William Franke


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