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CAPA TV | November 26, 2020

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The Next Big Thing: China And The Asia Opportunity

  • On September 18, 2018
Linking the high-growth economies of Asia with their Latin American counterparts has been alluring for many carriers, but distances and aircraft range limitations have proved barriers to greater connectivity, with many services until recently stopping via hubs in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. But over the last year, capacity between North East Asia-Latin America, particularly between Japan/China and Mexico, has grown at a rapid rate, thanks largely to the advent of fuel efficient aircraft such as the 787 and A350, which has made direct connectivity between the two continents not only possible but also economically viable.On the Latin American side, growth has been driven by Aeromexico, which is the only carrier from that region to serve Asia directly.On the Asian side, Hainan Airlines and ANA offer the only non stop flights to Latin America. China’s Big 3 carriers have also increased connectivity to Latin America in the last year – mainly to satisfy Chinese government objectives of making the country’s airlines more global – with Air China and China Southern currently serving the region via intermediate points.
  • What will be the next air services links?
  • What are the trade opportunities underpinning these new routes?
  • What can Latin America markets do to entice more inbound travel from China and Asia?
  • How are carriers utilising new fuel efficient aircraft to unlock network connectivity between Asia and Latin America?
  • Will traditional hubs over Europe/Middle East/Africa continue to play a role in linking Asia with Latin America?
  • What are the prospects for capacity growth from Asia into lower South America?
  • Is through transit and more fifth freedom rights possible for Asian airlines wishing to serve Latin America via intermediate points in North America?
  • Are Asian and Latin American carriers making the most of alliance and codeshares to expand network coverage?
ModeratorHEICO Aerospace, Business Development Officer, Alex de Gunten
  • Iberia, SVP, Network Planning & Alliances, Neil Chernoff
  • The Boeing Company, Managing Director – Marketing, James McBride

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