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CAPA TV | December 5, 2020

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Revolution Is Underway! Who’s Driving Low Cost Travel Around The Region? (In Spanish and English)

  • On October 10, 2018
Millennials have come of age in an era where digitalisation and the widespread availability of cheaper flights have made travel more attractive and accessible. Inquisitive and constantly connected, millennials are embracing the internet and mobile technologies during their travels and have been at the forefront of driving changes in the way travel is distributed and consumed.We profile the travel preferences of this crucial traveller segment, who are expected to drive much of the demand for LCC seats in Latin America.
  • What are the travel patterns of the millennial traveller? How are airlines engaging with this particular customer segment?
  • How are intermediaries, tech companies and airports evolving their products in response to the unique expectations of millennials for holistic and personalised travel services?
  • How do millennial traveller needs differ from travellers of previous generations?
  • How much of an impact are millennials expected to make on demand for LCC services in Latin America?
Moderator: HEICO Aerospace, Business Development Officer, Alex de Gunten
  • ByfieldTravel, Traveller, Christian Byfield
  • Club Premier, CEO, Francisco Schnaas
  • COTELCO, President, Gustavo Toro
  • Flycana, CEO, William Shaw
  • ProColombia, Innovation & Synergies Manager, Juan Sebastian Palisa

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