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CAPA TV | September 29, 2020

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Overcoming Infrastructure Constraints: What Is Needed From The Airports? (In Spanish and English)

  • On October 10, 2018
One significant barrier to higher LCC growth in Latin America is high airport costs, lack of adequate airport infrastructure and the scarcity of secondary airports. Major airports in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru are overcrowded, a problem that will only worsen in the near term without adequate remedies. By not addressing the urgent infrastructure needs of the region, IATA says Latin America will leave USD42 billion of unrealised economic benefits on the table by 2034, a period during which passenger growth in Latin America is expected to double and the air transport industry’s contribution to regional GDP could jump from USD140 billion to USD322 billion.
  • How can airlines and airports work together to maximise opportunities, especially if ownership/government changes?
  • What specifically are LCCs looking for that differ to the needs of their FSC peers and can airports accommodate both customer profiles?
  • How can airports meet the needs of LCCs looking to establish intraregional or long haul-short haul connectivity?
  • How much will is there to invest in infrastructure upgrades?
  • What is required to change the mindset of governments and airports into one of provactivity, rather than reactivity, when it comes to addressing infrastructure challenges?
Moderator: ICF Aviation, Principal, Carlos Ozores
  • GOL, Head – International Business Development, Randall Saenz Aguero
  • IATA, Regional VP, The Americas, Peter Cerdá
  • Sydney Airport, VP Aviation Business Development, Christina Werkstetter
  • Viva Air, VP Ground Operations, Carlos Mesa

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