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CAPA TV | September 28, 2020

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Greasing The Wheels. How Do We Optimise The Selling Environment To Access The Huge Growth In The Middle Classes? (In Spanish and English)

  • On October 10, 2018
Latin America’s LCCs face challenges in selling seats to potential customers because the region’s airline distribution market is highly fragmented, and traditional third party channels generally only have access to a small portion of a market’s total airline content. Thus far, Latin American LCCs have mostly relied on direct online sales or metasearch companies to distribute their inventory, which helps keep the overall cost per acquisition low while driving ancillary revenue. But what more can be done to bridge the gap between the availability of LCC content and the ability for their target consumers to access it?
  • What are the unique distribution challenges for Latin America in terms of how consumers shop and pay for flights?
  • How will distribution strategy evolve for the region’s LCCs?
  • What distribution channels enable the lowest cost per acquisition and increased spend per seat sold?
  • How can intermediaries become attractive selling channels for LCCs?
  • What potential is there in the redirect model?
  • What are the different customer engagement models that need to be adopted in each market to ensure travellers get to utilise their preferred payment method – given an estimated 70% of the population are underbanked?
ModeratorIATA, Regional Director, Financial & Distribution Services, The Americas, Alicia Lines
  • BestDay Travel Group, SVP Revenue Management, Rafael Martínez
  •, Country Manager, Colombia, Ezequiel Rubin
  • Sky Airline, CEO, Holger Paulmann
  • Travelport, Commercial Director, Air Commerce, Carlos Quijano

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