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CAPA TV | November 29, 2020

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The Outlook For Aviation Liberalisation And The Future Of Multilateralism

  • On November 9, 2016

International aviation has always been limited by bilateral controls and ownership restrictions. Mostly they have no logical role in today’s system, but vested interests and the complexity of negotiating thousands of bilateral agreements mean inertia remains the driving force. This panel reviews who, if anyone, really wants a liberal marketplace, how it could be achieved and considers possible ways the industry might be better governed.

  • The EU has been active in seeking parallel agreements; how successful have these been and do they offer a model for use elsewhere?
  • Can ASEAN open skies achieve EU-style openness?
  • Is GATS a longer term answer?
  • Is there a serious prospect of multilateralism – either by route group like the North Atlantic, or regionally?
  • Or have we, as some suggest, passed the zenith of liberalism and are now returning to the dark ages? 

Moderator: John R. Byerly, Consultant, John Byerly
Panel Members: 

  • AACO, Secretary General, Abdul Wahab Teffaha
  • Aeroflot, Deputy General Director, Strategy & Alliances, Giorgio Callegari
  • Delta, Managing Director, Legal & Regulatory, Julie Oettinger
  • European Commission, Deputy Director General MOVE, Matthew Baldwin
  • US FAA, Former Deputy Administrator & Chief NextGen Officer, Mike Whitaker

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