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CAPA TV | September 27, 2020

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Networking Long Haul Operations: Combining With Short Haul Partners At Each End

  • On March 7, 2019

Low cost long haul operators are establishing partnerships with short haul low cost airlines as a means of expanding their network breadth and supporting their growth aspirations, as recently demonstrated by Norwegian’s tie up with easyJet. For long haul operators, connecting traffic is critical in scaling sustainably, especially as very few long haul destinations generate enough demand to justify year round capacity, while their partners benefit from additional traffic growth in short haul markets. Legacy carriers, who have long ceded competitive ground to short haul LCCs, could see history repeating itself as long haul-short haul LCC partnerships gain more momentum and disrupt full service carriers’ long haul networks. 

  • How do long haul-short haul LCC partnerships enable growth and scale?  
  • Is partnering with a short haul LCC the best way for low cost long haul operators to expand their network?  
  • Are these new partnership arrangements set to disrupt network carriers’ long haul operations?  
  • How seamless are self connecting platforms and virtual interlining? What role can airports play in enabling connectivity? 
  • In which markets do long haul-short haul LCC partnerships proliferate?  
  • Can long haul low cost carrier operate as stand alone entities without short haul partners? 
Steven Dickson
Managing Partner
Skylight Aviation
Timothy O’Neil-Dunne
Head of Product
Air Black Box Company
John Thomas
CAPA – Centre for Aviation
Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad
GMR Airports
Oliver Dlouhy
Chief Executive Officer
Bob Chi
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

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