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CAPA TV | November 29, 2020

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Aircraft Choice: How New Generation Aircraft Are Enabling New Growth Opportunities

  • On March 6, 2019

New generation aircraft offer game-changing economics and range for LCCs. In the narrowbody space, several LCCs are now operating or have on order new generation narrowbody aircraft on long haul routes.  

Aircraft such as the 787 and A350 have changed the operating economics of competitive ultra long haul markets. Although there are still high costs and challenges associated with operating ultra long haul routes, the newer generation aircraft present a much more profitable proposition compared with original generation ultra long haul aircraft.  

  • What examples of implementation of new aircraft types has been successful for LCCs around the world? 
  • What opportunities still exist for LCCs to tap into new aircraft types? 
  • Will Asian LCCs follow European LCCs in using new generation narrowbody aircraft on long haul routes 
  • Is there still a market for one-stop flights over long haul markets? Will sixth freedom operators suffer? 
  • How much reliance is there on premium traffic to make ultra long haul routes sustainable? Can LCCs compete with full service carriers? 
  • Can fuel efficient ultra long haul aircraft overcome the inherent cost challenges of ultra long haul routes? 
  • What new technology will assist LCCs in further growth? 
  • How LCCs can leverage on technology to improve business performance and operational efficiency? 


John Thomas
CAPA – Centre for Aviation
Joost van der Heijden
Head of Marketing Asia & North America
Stephen Robinson
Head of Sales Asia Pacific
Collins Aerospace
Damien Trottier
Vice President Product Strategy

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