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CAPA TV | September 29, 2020

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LCC Subsidiaries In FSC Airline Groups. What Are The Secrets For Success – And The Pitfalls?

  • On March 9, 2018

Competitive pressures on short haul routes have prompted many full service airlines to create LCC subsidiaries, but ensuring the new carrier aligns with the parent strategy poses a key challenge.

  • Do LCCs created by FSCs have a competitive advantage?
  • How does the LCC child operate while maintaining management independence from their parent?
  • Conversely, how does the LCC work with its parent to maximise group profitability? Can the FSC avoid creating just another product line – without the lower cost base to match?
  • Is it possible to introduce seamless interlining despite their different service levels, in order to maximise group network coverage?
  • Should network carriers be prepared to launch Long Haul LCCs – at the expense of, or to complement, their existing operation

Moderator: Crucial Perspective, CEO, Corrine Png
Aviation Performance Consultants
, Executive Advisor to Peach Aviation, Patrick Murphy
DDG International, Independent Airline Executive, Patee Sarasin
flyadeal, CEO, Con Korfiatis
Scoot, Head of Sales & Distribution, Trevor Spinks


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