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CAPA TV | September 30, 2020

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The Retail Revolution Is Coming To Airports As Automation Allows Better Targeting Of Passengers

  • On May 12, 2018

Airport retail is a highly lucrative source of revenue for many airports, with sales per square metre often three to four times higher than on the high street or shopping centres. Many brands even have their own independent airport retail strategy in order to capitalise on the airport’s monopoly access to a captive audience of millions of travellers with high disposable incomes. Yet, airports and their retail brands who are finding that the physical asset is exhausted need to be more innovative in order to get more value out of the customer, especially with operational/technological improvements during the check-in/screening stage reducing dwell times and potentially disrupting the very foundation which underpins airport retail.

  • Best practice strategies to encourage retail spending in an automated passenger processing environment
  • What role can brands play in attracting customers to airport retail outlets?
  • Making use of rich traveller data to engage with passengers (spenders) – adopting an omni-channel mindset, from pre flight planning to car parking to the airside retail offering
  • How do airport retailers currently target and profile passengers?
  • Does onboard wifi pose a threat to airside retail sales?
  • “Plasticless” Payment Systems: Are airports ready for the payment platforms of the future? From cash to plastic to mobile payments

Moderator: Market Square Consult, Managing Director, Johan Schölvinck


  • Adara, Sales Director, Yann Nenot
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Chief Data Scientist, Eric Tyree
  • Pragma Consulting, Managing Director, Airports, Travel and Commercial Spaces, Alex Avery

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