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CAPA TV | September 27, 2020

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What Do Brexit, Trump And Rising Nationalism Mean For Aviation?

  • On May 28, 2017
The US has a major problem with ageing infrastructure and it is much broader than just airports. But airports are conspicuous, especially to politicians who use them frequently.
  • Are there lessons to be learned from China’s expansion
  • What is President Trump doing to upgrade Infrastructure and how will it be funded?
  • Can privatisation be the solution?

The departure of the UK from the European Union, which could take place in 2019, opens up a can of worms with regard to the regulatory and economic environment that will follow it and how that will impact on both of the divorced partners and the wider world as well. The discussion – which may be an animated one – will revolve around topics such as traffic rights (what will replace Open Skies?), airline ownership (which can influence which airlines can operate out of UK and European airports and into them, post Brexit), interpretations of international law, and the return of Duty Free sales at airports.

Moderator: CAPA – Centre for Aviation,
Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
Panel Members:
  • BKH Aviation, Aviation Consultant, Barry Humphreys
  • CCR USA, President & CEO, Amit Rikhy
  • ForwardKeys, Director Airport Development, Ged Brown
  • Nyras Capital, Partner, David Huttner

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