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CAPA TV | September 29, 2020

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Low Cost Long Haul To Short Haul Connectivity – NextGen Facilitation And Technology

  • On May 28, 2017
Hub airports, usually congested, often with ‘waves’ or banks of flights connecting and the need for complex connectivity infrastructure, are not always welcoming towards LCCs. LCCs typically want low costs, simple facilities and quick turnarounds. But then some LCCs are also reorienting towards connecting operations, as well as wanting more adequate facilities as they increasingly target business travellers. Some are also more keen to be housed within the same terminal as FSCs, to take allow their customers to connect.
In these circumstances, airports are faced with constantly shifting and conflicting airline needs/demands, with an array of airline types, from pure LCC, through hybrid to full service carriers. The sort of issues that constantly arise are for example:
  • Whether dedicated LCC facilities are needed; and
  • How to deal with shifting needs as LCCs seek to connect with FSCs.
  • Airport-airline relationships: Can airlines protect against the goalposts shifting under airport ownership changes?

On a broader level:

  • Is increasing competition at primary airports taking on new meanings?
  • What implications are there for infrastructure investment and facilities conversion?
  • How fast and to what extent will LCCs want greater connectivity, online and interline?
  • How important a feature will this become in competition between airports – and to what extent will regulatory matters intervene?

Much will depend on the profile of airlines currently serving the airport – and what segments the airport is targeting for the future. This panel looks at this complex array of issues from various perspectives.

Moderator: Airbiz
, Managing Director, Greg Fordham
Panel Members:

  • Air Black Box Company, Head of Product, Timothy O’Neil-Dunne
  • GMR Group, CEO, Corporate Airports Sector, PS Nair
  • SITA, Director Airport Solution Line, Carlos Kaduoka



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