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CAPA TV | September 27, 2020

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CAPA-ACTE Global Summit | 26-28 Oct 2016


The shape of international aviation markets in 2025

Over the next ten years, long haul international markets will change dramatically. Come to Amsterdam on 26-28 October 2016 for the CAPA-ACTE Global Summit and learn about the coming ‘Game-Changers’. How will airline partnerships, joint ventures, new airlines and disruptive entrants and technologies completely alter the competitive dynamic by 2025?

As the longer-established markets become more mature, the attraction of international markets, especially Asia, becomes too great to ignore. There will be a substantial expansion of US airline activity in international markets, with many new forms of partnership.

But the most intriguing prospects of all are on Asia-Europe air services, where a host of new airlines and new routes will be established. China, its airlines and its tourists, will have a transformative impact.

One of the undoubted game changers in these markets will be long haul low cost airlines. Aided by a new generation of smaller widebody aircraft like the 757 and the A350, their goal is to provide a lower cost operation on routes that cannot support the profile of premium/economy that characterises the traditional long haul network airline. And, where the LCC is part of an Airline Group, it is able to provide the foundation for a wider network, with contrasting yield profiles.

As new trade routes open up, many new airports and air services will be open up. The next 10 years will witness the most remarkable change in a major route group the world has ever seen. The challenges and opportunities they bring will be of similar magnitude.