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CAPA TV | May 26, 2019

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About CAPA



Established in 1990, CAPA - Centre for Aviation is the leading provider of independent aviation market intelligence, analysis and data services, covering worldwide developments. Understanding aviation markets is our great strength and passion. Providing our CAPA Members, clients and partners with an unparalleled level of expertise and insight is our business. We offer an extensive range of information services developed by analysts covering the entire spectrum of commercial aviation.

Posts By CAPA

Innovation Driving The Entire Aviation Ecosystem

May 10, 2019 |

Technology within the aviation sector continues to evolve and develop leading to improved passenger experience, increased revenues and enhanced service. There are a range of tools available now which could assist in these areas from Customer Focused Platforms; Artificial … Read More

Spotlight On Africa – Africa Remains A Market Of Huge Potential But Even Larger Challenges

May 9, 2019 |

Africa remains a market of huge potential but even larger challenges. The outlook for 2019 is mostly more of the same, but with some glimmers of hope.

New start-ups and most existing airlines will struggle to overcome the … Read More

What’s Driving Travel And Tourism Demand In A Digital Era? The Role Of Air Services Partnerships

May 9, 2019 |
  • What are the main source markets for Middle East and Africa inbound tourism?

  • What are the key source markets for international growth?
  • What digital strategies can be leveraged for both inbound and outbound travellers?
  • In … Read More

Short-To-Long-Haul Connectivity, Particularly As LCC-Long Haul Airlines Expand

May 8, 2019 |
  • How do long haul-short haul partnerships enable growth and scale?  
  • Are these new partnership arrangements set to disrupt network carriers’ long haul operations?  
  • How seamless are self … Read More

Infrastructure: Airport/Airspace

May 8, 2019 |

Africa traditionally does not figure highly on airport construction but demand for air travel is growing amongst the 1.2 billion population and in some countries the middle class is swelling. Accordingly, the number of airport construction projects is growing and … Read More

How Do We Change The Way People Work?

May 8, 2019 |

Dee Waddell Global Managing Director IBM Moderator Dr. Bernard Meyerson Chief Innovation Officer Emeritus IBM PanelistRead More

Distribution And Selling Challenges: NDC To The Rescue?

May 8, 2019 |

Legacy distribution systems have for decades presented airlines with the twin problems of high costs and product commoditisation. In efforts to address these issues, a handful of carriers throughout the world have invested heavily into establishing their own API channels with agents, … Read More

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