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CAPA TV | May 26, 2019

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Established in 1990, CAPA - Centre for Aviation is the leading provider of independent aviation market intelligence, analysis and data services, covering worldwide developments. Understanding aviation markets is our great strength and passion. Providing our CAPA Members, clients and partners with an unparalleled level of expertise and insight is our business. We offer an extensive range of information services developed by analysts covering the entire spectrum of commercial aviation.

Posts By CAPA

American Express Discusses The Value Of New Acquisition Mezi

May 17, 2019 |

American Express recently announced it had acquired Mezi, a personal travel assistant app that helps consumers plan and book trips. The Mezi app allows travellers to simply message their requests for flights, hotel or restaurant reservations, and Mezi provides recommendations … Read More

Volantio Brings Post-Booking Revenue And Capacity Optimisation Opportunities To Airlines

May 17, 2019 |

Volantio brings post-booking revenue and capacity optimisation opportunities to airlines all around the world. The technology enables airlines to continue to react to fluctuations in demand on flights even after customers book and therefore optimise both unit revenue and capacity … Read More

Collins Aerospace On Technology For The Global Aerospace Community

May 17, 2019 |

Collins Aerospace is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace community. Head of Sales Asia Pacific Stephen Robinson discusses the impact Collins has on the entire aviation eco system covering ground and in the air. … Read More

Airline Partnerships, Immunised JVs, Open Skies And The Role Of Competition Bodies

May 16, 2019 |

As airlines are shackled to their nationality, globalising the product means a need for partnerships in one form or another. This in turn means interpreting existing and future attitudes of regulators in key markets, notably towards immunised JVs, but also … Read More

Developing More Productive Relationships With Airports And Other Partners

May 16, 2019 |

By virtue of its very nature the airline industry is highly dependent on partnerships of one kind or another. In times of stress, reliance on these partners – and enhancing shared goals – becomes a high priority. These partners … Read More

Working With Lessors And OEMs To Find Mutually Beneficial Compromises

May 16, 2019 |

There are ways of finding tailored options for working together through more challenging times. These imply relieving current financial burdens while preparing the way for a more valuable post-downturn relationship.

Some fresh thinking around the financial aspects of … Read More

Working With Unions To Achieve Optimal Outcomes

May 16, 2019 |

Airlines have limited options in removing costs in the face of downturn. One area for action is to revise network operations, even fundamentally redirecting strategy, particularly where new market directions are emerging, such as the impact of new aircraft … Read More

Once The ‘Pride Of Africa’, A Restructured And Reborn South Africa Airways Is On A Journey Back To Profitability

May 16, 2019 |

As he outlines the national carrier’s own development, South African Airways Group CEO Vuyani Jarana believes the limitations of transport services in Africa are continuing to hold the continent back in terms of trade and connectivity. In a market where … Read More

Innovation In Generating Ancillary Revenues

May 16, 2019 |

Large strides have been made in generating non-ticket revenues. Yet technological advances are making wider opportunities available. Not only new forms of distribution, but also using more straightforward methods such as incentivising staff and expanding the use of inflight … Read More

The Role Of The Airline Conglomerate – Making It A Foundation For Durability

May 16, 2019 |

There are one or two examples of effective airline groups, notably IAG. But other opportunities exist. The regulatory system limits options where international airlines are concerned, so an element of creativity is necessary – but that can lead to problems, … Read More

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