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CAPA TV | October 1, 2020

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What’s Driving Demand For Inbound Travel And Tourism? The Role Of Air Services Partnerships

  • On August 10, 2019

A surge in inbound tourism to the region from China has rapidly inflated growth, notably in Australia, where a dozen Chinese airlines operate at various levels of activity. Chinese tourists to Australia now exceed New Zealanders, the longstanding #1. As by far the largest spenders when on their holidays, this has offered a bonanza to the economy and the national tourism industry. 
But it is unlikely that the growth rates experienced in recent years will be maintained. Already there are signs of a slowdown. Much of the growth has been led by supply at very low fares and as some of the enthusiasm by provincial governments to provide subsidies wanes, a period of stabilisation is likely.

  • What are the main source markets for Australian inbound tourism?
  • What are the key source markets for international growth?
  • Is the region well positioned to attract key inbound markets?
  • How can the whole of Australasia target further growth?

Session Provocateur: Tourism Australia, International Operations & Aviation Development Manager, Trent Banfield

  • South Australian Tourism Commission, Manager Aviation and Access, Mark Gill
  • Tourism Australia, International Operations & Aviation Development Manager, Trent Banfield
  • Tourism & Events Queensland, Aviation and Trade Director, Sharyn Brydon
  • Tourism Tasmania, Director Access & Aviation, Hans Van Pelt
  • Tourism Western Australia, Director Aviation Development and Policy, Claire Werkmeister

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