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CAPA TV | September 29, 2020

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What Does Truly Frictionless Travel Look Like? How To Reduce Customer Touchpoints And Enhance The Travel Experience Using New Technologies And AI

  • On August 7, 2018

From voice based commerce during the booking process, to automated check in and inflight wi fi, technological innovations are enhancing the travel experience. Biometrics technology are set to obliterate the physical barriers faced by travellers at all major airport touchpoints such as check in, immigration and security; electronic tagging has enabled real time tracking of baggage; and AI, virtual assistants and chatbots are being deployed to manage myriad customer queries such as booking flights and aircraft delays. Airlines and airports that are investing in process improvements stand to gain from a more engaged and loyal customer base.

  • How does the whole travel ecosystem view the passenger journey? How can each player work together to personalise and enhance the traveller journey?
  • What are the opportunities and implications of AI and robotics? What are some real world applications of AI and how will they impact the future of the aviation industry, from both a customer service and operational viewpoint?
  • Passenger processing: Assessing the technologies and processes available to improve operational efficiencies and asset productivity eg with border processing, facial recognition, retinal scanning, fingerprint ID, digital tokens and preclearance
  • Leveraging predictive analytics: how to turn big data into actionable information that intelligently understands and delights the customer (and enhances revenue)

Moderator: Festive Road, Principal Consultant, Mike Orchard
FCM Travel Solutions, General Manager, Melissa Elf
Inmarsat, Regional Vice President, MEASA, Ben Griffin
SITA, Regional Director, North Asia and Pacific, Jay Youlten
The Lido Group, CEO, Steve Mackenzie


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