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CAPA TV | November 30, 2020

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What Are The Secrets To Attracting The Top Inbound Markets?

  • On August 12, 2018

Inbound tourism is Australia’s second largest export industry, with favourable macroeconomic conditions, low fuel prices and a depreciating dollar providing the ideal conditions for continued growth. But increasing awareness and stimulating tourism demand is a perennial challenge faced by Australia, which is hampered by the tyranny of distance and high costs relative to neighbouring destinations.

  • Does Australia have the capacity and infrastructure to meet tourism demand? Is there an oversupply or undersupply of travel services?
  • Are operators fully educated on how best to market and cater for inbound markets?
  • What are the facilitation challenges and issues around border protection and visas?
  • Does Australia have any competitive advantages that can be leveraged in its destination marketing efforts?
  • What are the opportunities around regional dispersal of visitors?
  • Raising brand awareness in the digital age – how is industry using data in a smarter ways to convert awareness into actual bookings?
  • Can industry collaboration improve messaging and funding available to stimulate inbound markets?

Moderator: Tourism Futures International, Managing Director, Bob Cain
South Australian Tourism Commission, Chief Executive, Rodney Harrex
Tourism Australia, Managing Director, John O’Sullivan
Tourism WA, Chairman, Nathan Harding


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