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CAPA TV | September 30, 2020

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The Future Is Here: Leveraging AI And New Technologies For Greater Customer Service

  • On November 19, 2018
The digital economy has transformed consumer expectations around the way they research, purchase and experience the airline product. As a result airlines need to work hard to differentiate their product offering and deliver a personalised and seamless experience for customers throughout the entire travel process. This involves a shift in mindset, where airlines need to think of themselves as digital companies rather than just transportation companies enabling passengers to get from A to B. Whether it’s using data to create tailored ancillary offers, implementing enhanced merchandising capability that allows for more cross selling and upselling or introducing virtual assistants to answer simple customer queries, airlines and airports that invest in digital technologies stand to gain from a more engaged and loyal customer base, unlocking top line revenue opportunities and improving efficiencies in the process.
  • Putting the framework in place first – deciding on an airline’s digital strategy
  • How can airlines and airports turn big data into actionable insights that intelligently understands and delights the customer (and enhances revenue)?
  • How can each player work together to personalise and enhance the traveller journey?
  • What steps need to be taken to offer holistic, end to end travel distribution experiences?
  • What are the opportunities and implications of AI and robotics? What are some real world applications of AI and how will they impact the future of the aviation industry, from both a customer service and operational viewpoint?
  • How are airlines embracing the digitalisation process and enabling passengers to be connected while in the air? Where to next for inflight connectivity and WiFi?

Moderator: ICF International, Principal, Daniel Galpin

  • Bluebox Aviation Systems, CEO, Kevin Clark
  • Caravelo, Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Newman
  • Inmarsat, Regional Director APAC, Chris Rogerson
  • SITAONAIR, Vice President Asia Pacific, Katrina Korzenowski
  • Spring Airlines, General Manager of IT, Zhenyuan Zhang

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