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CAPA TV | September 27, 2020

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Realising The Potential Of Low Cost Long Haul Services In The Asia-Europe Market

  • On November 19, 2018

Asia Pacific has been a pioneer in the development of the low cost long haul model, having had such flights for 12 years, or seven years longer than any other region. Nearly 40% of low cost long haul routes touch Southeast Asia and nearly 15% touch Australia, making them the world’s largest low cost long haul markets.

However there are still ample opportunities for growth. LCC penetration rates in most medium and long-haul markets are still well below 10% compared with the 50% of seats LCCs occupy on short haul routes within Southeast Asia and within South Asia. On true long haul routes such as Asia-Europe routes, few airlines operate because of the low yield profile and aircraft limitations.

  • What long haul markets are poised LCC growth?
  • How do rising fuel prices impact the outlook for long haul low cost routes?
  • Why have we only seen two routes to Europe so far by Asian LCCs?
  • How have the Europe-Asia routes by Scoot, Norwegian and Eurowings performed so far?
  • How do all parties improve issues around virtual interlining and ensure connectivity meets travellers needs?
  • Do Asian LCCs need to partner with European short haul LCCs to make Asia-Europe routes viable?
  • Do the European LCCs serving Asia need to partner with Asian LCCs?
  • How can airline’s leverage off partnerships to extend their brand into new markets?

Moderator: CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Chief Analyst, Brendan Sobie

  • AirAsia X, CEO, Benyamin Ismail
  • Japan Airlines, VP Products & Services Planning, Akira Mitsumasu
  •, CEO, Oliver Dlouhý
  • London Stansted Airport, Chief Commercial Officer, Aboudy Nasser
  • Mango Aviation, Commercial Head, Trevor Spinks

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