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CAPA TV | September 28, 2020

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Can Airlines Keep Apace With The Growth In Inbound Tourism To Key ASEAN Markets?

  • On November 19, 2018
Visitor numbers to Southeast Asia have increased dramatically in the past few years. Although China and India have been the biggest single growth driver, other source markets within Asia have also been growing rapidly – as well as more mature markets outside the region.

Vietnam’s inbound market, the fastest growing aviation market in Southeast Asia, has doubled in size in just three years. While domestic growth has slowed the last two years, international growth has accelerated. In a similar vein, neighbouring Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and even Singapore has experienced solid visitor growth over the past year. The emerging smaller markets of Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Brunei are enjoying an uptick in tourism numbers, with Cambodia in particular witnessing some dynamic airline activity as ambitious startups attempt to grab a slice of this growth.

  • What are the largest and fastest growing source markets?
  • Is there too much reliance on China or India?
  • What are the hot destinations in Southeast Asia?
  • What airlines have benefitted from the rapid tourism growth in Southeast Asia and what airlines are best positioned to benefit as the growth continues?
  • Is infrastructure (airports, hotels, roads) keeping up?
  • Are the recent growth rates sustainable?
  • What kind of environmental concerns have arisen? Is there a risk of another “Boracay”, which was shut down for six months for an unprecedented environmental cleanup?
  • How many airlines can the small ASEAN markets support?

Moderator: Watson Farley & Williams, Partner, Alan Polivnick

  • IATA, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, Conrad Clifford
  • TripAdvisor, Associate Director Flights, APAC, Priyanka Gargav
  • TravelSky Technology, Director Marketing & Sales, International Cooperation Department, Lars Gaebler

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