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CAPA TV | December 5, 2020

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Asia Pacific Regional Airport Of The Year: Phnom Penh International Airport

  • On November 24, 2019

This is awarded to the regional airport that has been the biggest standout strategically, has established itself as a leader and done the most to advance the progress of the aviation industry. (Note that this award is not limited to airports without any long haul or intercontinental services; it is intended to recognise smaller airports – fewer than 10 million annual passengers – that rely primarily on short haul routes.)

Phnom Penh International Airport was selected for adopting an innovative strategy that has led to sustained passenger growth in excess of 25% over two years (2017/18) and of 15% in Q1-Q3 of 2019 while the regional leader, Thailand’s Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, has languished in the 3% to 10% category.

For (together with the other airports in the group), contributing to up to 17% of the country’s total GDP, sustaining more than 1.7 million jobs, representing 20% of the working population. And for the very rapid completion of works to extend the runway to 3,000 metres, thereby expanding the potential for new long haul services.

CAPA Chairman Emeritus Peter Harbison said: “Over the three years from 2015 to 2018, Phnom Penh Airport grew its passenger volume by some 50%, requiring enormous adjustments to its operating regime. At the same time cargo payload capacity has almost doubled. The expansion was the result of a well coordinated programme of business development.”

Cambodia Airports Chief Executive Officer Alain Brun said: “As a small airport, Phnom Penh International Airport benefits from an ability to easily adapt and respond to our customers’ needs, which is demonstrated by winning this award. This accolade is testament to the relevance of the airport Public Private Partnership model under which Phnom Penh International Airport, powered by Vinci Airports, has been successfully developed over the last 25 years. Our model warrants long-term vision, reliability, and continuous investments, which translate into solid passenger growth, from 600,000 to 6 million by the end of 2019, significant infrastructure projects and operational efficiency.”


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