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CAPA TV | November 26, 2020

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New Route Opportunities: Are Markets Opened Up By New Generation Aircraft Viable Over The Long Term?

  • On March 30, 2019

New generation aircraft offer game changing economics and range for LCCs, and those low cost operators are increasingly using new generation narrowbodies on longer haul routes.

The 787 and A350 widebodies have also changed operating economics on ultra long haul routes, offering a much more profitable proposition than older generation twin aisle jets. But the right aircraft type is just one factor in successful route development. Although new generation aircraft open up opportunities for numerous new routes, maintaining consistent demand in those markets is paramount, especially once airport incentives are no longer available.

  • What examples of implementation of new aircraft types has been successful around the world?
  • What opportunities still exist to tap into new aircraft types?
  • What routes will be opened up to the Americas thanks to new aircraft technology?
  • How much reliance is there on premium traffic to make ultra long haul routes sustainable?

Moderator: ASM, Consultant, Lee Lipton


  • Denver International Airport, VP Air Service Development, Laura Jackson
  • Orlando International Airport, Senior Director Marketing & Air Service Development, Vicki Jaramillo
  • Spirit Airlines, Vice President, Capacity Planning, Mark Kopczak

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