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CAPA TV | October 1, 2020

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The Future Of Airline Distribution. NDC And Beyond

  • On June 17, 2019

This special interactive Open Forum, open to all sectors of the industry will offer a unique opportunity to provide a greater understanding of the intricacies of how the NDC proposition is progressing and how different sectors and airlines are being affected.

Legacy distribution systems have for decades presented airlines with the twin problems of high costs and product commoditisation. In efforts to address these issues, carriers throughout the world have invested heavily into establishing their own API channels with agents, while the concurrent push by IATA for airlines to implement the NDC standard has encouraged the industry to adopt a retail focused approach to distribution.

In this Open Forum, industry experts will address all sides of the distribution model, to assess the NDC strategy, what it means for their section of the aviation ecosystem, and how the environment is changing.

Industry experts will include GDSs, OTAs, Travel Management Companies and Corporate Travel Buyers, as well as representatives from IATA and airline members.

Audience participants will have the opportunity to interact with the experts in a wide-ranging discussion on:

  • How different participants are being and will be affected by the evolution

  • Where they are in delivering the strategy;

  • What they would change in the strategy if they could;

  • What is the desired end point;

  • What are the complexities of the strategy;

  • What impact will this have on their bottom line

Ian Heywood
Global Head of New Distribution
Larry Lo
CEO, Asia
Corporate Travel Management
Cyril Tetaz
Executive Vice President, Airlines, APAC
Sebastian Mikosz
Group Managing Director and CEO
Kenya Airways
Mr. Gavin Harris
Commercial Director
Eric Leopold
Director, Transformation Financial and Distribution Services
Rob Broere
Vice President – Industry Change Operations Research & Effectiveness

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