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CAPA TV | October 1, 2020

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State Of The Aircraft Market: Fleet Orders And Deliveries Outlook

  • On June 17, 2019

In an industry with so many variables, any assessment of the future, even looking only a year ahead, is riven with challenge. But there are some indicators that predict outcomes more accurately than others.

One of the more reliable pointers is aircraft orders. These suggest capacity (supply side) conditions in the year to come. Admittedly delivery dates can alter or orders be changed or cancelled. It’s also important to recognise the level of replacement vs net fleet additions. But even with these cautions, the sheer contrasts in scale of orders and deliveries speaks volumes.

Where the Asia Pacific operating fleets are rapidly approaching North America’s dimensions, the fact that the region has no less than twice the number of deliveries planned for 2019 speaks volumes – both for global aviation and for capacity levels in AsiaPac. The net effect contrast is even greater in practice, as North America’s often much older fleets imply a higher concentration of replacements.

In this high level overview, our speakers will delve into current aircraft orders/deferrals to predict the future of our industry.

John Thomas
Senior Advisor
CAPA – Centre for Aviation
Kresimir Kucko
Gulf Air
Rafał Milczarski
LOT Polish Airlines
Martin Gauss
CEO and Chairman of the Board
John Plueger
CEO & President
Air Lease Corporation

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