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CAPA TV | November 26, 2020

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Mezi Talks AI, Mezi For Business And Global Expansion

  • On December 11, 2017

Earlier in the year, The Blue Swan Daily introduced you to the artificial intelligence (AI) personal travel assistant, known as Mezi. At the time Mezi had announced its entry into the corporate travel market by offering a travel-as-a-service solution for Travel Management Companies (TMCs), Corporates and Travel Agents.

Simply put, Mezi is an AI-powered chatbot capable of automating more than 60 percent of the conversations initiated by travellers and then gathering availability, curating recommendations, and making reservations at the request of the traveller with limited human intervention. In fact, in most cases users aren’t aware of when they are chatting to the robot or agent.

In these few short years the technology has already been used by more than 100,000 travellers and impressively processed over 50 million words across 500,000 conversations. The introduction of this technology into the corporate travel world is making an impact with major TMCs already signed up to offering the product to its clients.

We recently caught up with Mezi Vice President, Travel Strategy & Partnerships Johnny Thorsen on the sidelines of the 2017 ACTE-CAPA Global Conference Sydney.



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