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CAPA TV | September 21, 2020

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A Vision Of The Future Of Mobility: Supersonic Air Travel

  • On December 10, 2017

US start up, Boom, is planning a new generation carbon composite supersonic aircraft with 45 all-business seats in two single seat rows, and priced at about 10% above current business fares. It will fly at over 2,500 km an hour, or Mach 2.2, and be able to link Australia’s east coast with the US west coast in 6 hours 45 minutes.

Since the Concorde stopped operations 14 years ago, there has been no supersonic passenger travel. And today’s jet aircraft actually usually fly even more slowly than they did 50 years ago (to save on fuel).

According to Boom’s website, “The goal of the company is to pick up where Concorde left off and build a new generation supersonic aircraft. Long flights are a barrier to travel. We’re removing that barrier, turning 8-hour red eyes into 3-4-hour daytime flights. Excruciating 16-hour journeys become easy overnights. When you can get there in half the time, where will you go?”

Boom Technology Founder & CEO Blake Scholl believes Boom is only 18 months away from flying their first prototype aircraft. The Blue Swan Daily recently caught up with Mr Scholl, to learn more about this impressive technology.


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