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CAPA TV | September 27, 2020

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Airlines, Airports And The Environment: What Did The Dec-2015 Paris Talkfest Mean For Aviation?

  • On March 15, 2016

Airlines are in the cross hairs of many environmental groups, even if they only produce a tenth of the emissions of cows and sheep. Some airlines have sought to exploit relatively minor moves towards using non-fossil fuels, but are there competitive advantages to be won by adopting certain courses of action? Despite improvements, the gains from more efficient aircraft and engines will not be sufficient.
Using newer, more fuel efficient aircraft and operating with greater seating density and at higher load factors are ways of lowering unit emissions. But in the absence of real breakthroughs in use of alternative fuels, will the only options be slower growth, more capacity coordination and similar travel-negative options?
Airports too are centres of massive aviation emissions, both on airport and on the approaches.

  • In short, what are the strategies necessary for airlines to transition to a new future?
  • How much of the duty to change should fall on the airlines – or the airports – or ANS providers – or OEMs – or governments; and is this burden being accurately addressed?
  • How effective are the measures currently being taken in areas such as alternative fuels, access to airports, ATC?
Keynote Presentation: SUN, Strong Universal Network, Founder, Geoffrey Lipman

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